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Get reliable home and commercial flooring services in Minneapolis, MN at Mathews Hardwood Floors. We specialize in laminate and hardwood flooring installation. We also offer floor repair, maintenance, and other services. Our team of licensed contractors has several years of experience working on every type of floor imaginable in both the Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN metropolitan areas.
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Wood increases or decreases in size relative to the rise or drop in humidity of an area. In a city like Minneapolis, MN where we experience extreme changes in humidity, your hardwood floors can suffer rapid expansion or shrinkage. This can cause your floor to buckle and become a hazard to anyone walking on it. That is why it is important that you hire us to install, maintain, and repair your hardwood floors. As licensed flooring contractors, we make sure that your floor is buckle-proof.
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Get the best flooring contractors in the business when you need new hardwood floors installed in your home or commercial establishment. With our expertise, you get the best flooring service available in the Twin Cities. Call us at (763) 442-5129 to schedule an installation service today.